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The Paths

To either side of the house, east or west, the private dirt road extends into the woods. To the west, it becomes a trail, perfect for hiking, running or mountain biking, that runs 13 miles up the river to a gorgeous set of waterfalls. To the east, the road peters out just past a lovely meadow.

A short walk up the street will bring you to the lovely United Methodist Church, or walk down the road to the old Country Store, which offers various foods, gas, magazines, movies, and other goods. Kids love to walk there for candy.

The River & Mountains

From our front door you can walk up the side of the Ossippee Mountains, which are part of a ring dyke—one of a only a few in the world—a circle of mountains that once formed the sides of a volcano, long since extinct. The road out front parallels a gorgeous brook, which cascades down the side of the mountain through the volcanic rock, and down a seemingly endless series of waterfalls and crystal-clear granite bowls. You can walk up the brook itself, but please bear in mind that the adjoining lands are private property.